LifeQode EDG3 Plus

HKD 605.00

Elevate Your Health, Every Day

EDG3 Plus is  a multi-functional beverage, made using innovative technology, that protects, nourishes and strengthens your body from within. Made from the ‘Power of 3’ ingredients: turmeric, Vitamin D3 and glutathione amino acid blend, we applied the most precise science to achieve an immune-boosting and energy-elevating product that meets the needs of today’s hectic lifestyles.

Innovative scientific formulation
Created by experts | Informed by 20+ research papers | Rigorously tested and clinically proven ingredients  
Multi-functional health benefits
Optimal personalised nutrition | Broad spectrum, whole-system benefits | Reduces the need for multiple supplements
Taste as a priority
Amazingly fresh, fruity flavour | Extensively taste-tested with consumers | Natural sweetness with no added sugar
Inspired by nature. Informed by science. Powered by plants.


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Boosts Immunity
Speed up recovery from sickness, prevent virus replication in the body, fight allergies, sinus, flu and virus attack from within

Protects all your body's cells and organs for optimum function
Protect your body from chronic inflammation - the silent killer for a majority of diseases, repair and restore youthful cell & organ function, provide multiple benefits to help you perform at a peak level everyday

Protects cardiovascular function

Improve blood vessel elasticity & circulation by reducing oxidative stress in the blood vessels - the first trigger to blood vessels hardening, promote stronger & healthier heart.

Regulates cholesterol & blood pressure
Knock down high cholesterol, triglyceride, blood sugar and blood pressure levels, prevent diabetes complications, protect your body’s metabolic function as you age.

Improves energy & vitality

Reduce tiredness, supercharge your strength, speed and focus for a lifetime of boundless energy.

Optimises brain health

Heighten memory, focus & concentration, reduce migraine, sharpen mental acuity & cognition.

Supports digestions

Alleviate stomach disorders, maximizing your digestion & absorption of nutrients.

Detoxifies liver
Flush out dietary toxins from the body, protect your liver from harmful chemicals, preservatives & carcinogens

Improves bone and joint health
Promote cartilage regeneration, alleviate gout, arthritis & say goodbye to soreness and pain

Enhances skin health

Improve skin moisturization, brightness and smoothness, reduce blemishes, age spots and wrinkles for fairer, glowing skin like never before


LifeQode EDG3 Plus x11

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LifeQode EDG3 Plus x6

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LifeQode EDG3 Plus x3

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